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iHorse Group

iHorse Technology Group, Inc (ITG) was established in 2010. ITG was created as a result of growing IT needs for the software firms and have grown to support a much larger client base supporting operations coast to coast in North America.

ITG Services are for businesses of all sizes that do not have fulltime IT staff. With our staff of specialists, we identify and implement appropriate technologies that will grow with your business. For companies that already have an IT department, ITG provides supplemental services, ranging from Help Desk troubleshooting to CIO services and business technology consulting

Software Solutions

iHorse Technology Group has invested through iHorse Ventures Inc in several software solution companies. Our philosophy is that many startups aren’t successful with their original business concept.  The ones that eventually succeed have usually modified their original concept to reach their market.  This “evolution” that a startup goes through can cost a lot of money and time.  At ITG, our goal is to minimize initial costs and timelines by putting the startup’s core growth assumptions to the test as quickly as possible.

To do this, we generally work with, or help refine, the startups defined use case and Minimal Viable Product (MVP), then using our advisor network, we connect the startup with early adopters willing to test the concept in a real world pilot.

The bottom line in our minds
is your bottom-line.